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Community Time

The entire elementary enjoyed our assembly this morning. The Elementary II students performed a play about the four strange siblings. Next came buddy reading time.





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Studying Our Earliest Agriculture

Today we made pancakes in a lesson and everyone loved them!!!They were gluten free with very little sugar. DELICIOUS!!!!! We made them because we are learning the original nine centers of agriculture. We used a timeline to place various grains, vegetables, and other foods on the timeline in the place and time they originated. Many students requested the recipe. It is listed here:

1/3 cup whole oat groats
1/3 cup buckwheat
1/3 cup teff
You can use any grain combo you want. Just make sure it is one cup.

1 cup of milk (we used rice milk)

Blend all these ingredients on high in a blender for one minute

Add 1/2 cup of vegetable oil (we used coconut oil)
1 egg

Blend again

Finally add 1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp sugar
dash of salt

Blend again on low. Let sit for a few minutes to let the baking powder do its job.

Now you are ready to cook on medium heat turning when bubbly. If the batter is too thick, you can add a little more milk as needed.

For follow up, students are researching the origin of the ingredients from their favorite meal.




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Four Sisters Skit

The 5th graders worked this week on a skit about mathematical operations called, “Four Sisters”, the skit focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It was a fun and educational play. We really enjoyed rehearsing and then presenting to each classroom in the school.


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Science Experiments with Ms. Jody!

We watched and talked about some fun science/geography experiments this afternoon.

Mixing hydrochloric acid and ammonia shows that two liquids can make a gas.


Lead nitrate and potassium dichromate shows two liquids can make a solid.



Powdered sugar (carbon) and sulfuric acid makes a violent chemical reaction!


We didn’t get a picture of the last experiment, unfortunately. But we added heat to sulfur and ammonia dichromate creates a chemical reaction like a volcano.

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Ancient Civilizations: China and Shang Dynasty

The most interesting thing about the China: Shang Dynasty is that they had very fresh water for fishing and they built extremely high walls.


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Ancient Civilizations: Harrapa

The one thing that really stood out about the Harrapa civilization is that they had excellent irrigation and plumbing systems.


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End of the Year Blogging!

Today and next week we will be blogging end of the year projects, be prepared for many interesting posts. Happy Summer!

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Science Experiment

Here is a great example of one of the many fun and interesting science experiments we did this year. The most interesting thing we discovered from this experiment was that ice is less dense than water.


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Montessori Academy Yearbook

The upper elementary class worked together on the school yearbook. They were able to use their photography skills, creative skills and organizational skills! The yearbooks turned out great and will be available for sale at our fun Spring Social on May 23rd. We included a some pictures as a preview. It was a fulfilling and fun project.



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Mothers Day Celebration!

We made Wordles for our Mom’s for their Mother’s Day gifts, its a cool computer program that takes the words we entered, things we like about our mom, and turns it into a really cool picture incorporating those words. We also wrote letters and treated our Moms to a yogurt parfait bar. It was fun and we love and appreciate our Moms!










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